Forty years.... of wines
company outlines
company outlines
“God drank a coffee and created the world, sipped a tea in the day of rest, enjoyed the Camerone's brut and invented the original sin” (Local legend).
Camerone's farm, personally run by the Marabini Family, is located in Romagna's hills, an area which is particularly suited for the wine production. In the 60s the farmers'union “Ente Tutela vini Romagna” (“Romagna's wine protection institution”), under the emblem of Passatore, was born. Camerone's farm immediately became a member of it and in those years the first bottles of Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano with the image of Passatore were put on the market. In these forty years of activity the company has received different awards (25 plaques by the Tribunate of Romagna, two stars of the traditional Bolaffi catalogue, medals at Pramaggiore-Asti, “Oscar della cucina” (Cooking Oscar) of Perugia, “Bianco più bianco” of Gorizia. Camerone's farm has always distinguished itself for its wines which have a very clear and precise personality to keep the attributes of Romagna's wines. Camerone's farm has belonged for 400 years to the Marabini family, that is today represented by Giuseppe, a well-known veterinarian, who between one visit and another has found the time and the way to work as a vine-grower with unusual passion, with the precious collaboration of his wife Edda and of his children too.
In the book “Vini e cibi di Romagna”(“Wines and food of Romagna”) by G. Bonacina we read: “I could never understand how Giuseppe Marabini manages to do all the things he does: vine-grower, producer, cellar man, bottler, packer, carrier of all his wines to Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Geneva, Salzburg and other places. Moreover, in his spare time he also works as a veterinarian. It's not so much what he does, but the fact that he does all these things very well, with competence and great passion”.
Camerone's farm has got, both in ownership and on lease, 25hectares of specialized vineyards. Everything is carried out directly and with the utmost care, from the implantation to the pruning, the vintage, the vinification and the bottling. We treat our wines with the greatest care, beginning from the vine growing, according to the most modern agronomic and ecological principles, in order to obtain a homemade nectar, which corresponds to the quality requirements more and more careful customers ask for. Apart from Romagna's DOC wines: Albana (both in the type “dry”, sweet and “passito”), Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Pagadebit, Cagnina, Colli di Faenza Rosso, we produce “fantasy” wines with our trademark, which is the result of our vintage grapes: Camerone Brut, Frizzante del Camerone, Rosè del Camerone, Bianco del Camerone, Rosso del Camerone, Riserva, Cru Vigna Badilona, Millennium Riserva. From the best marcs of Sangiovese and Albana Passito we produce Camerone's grappe.
Now, in the wonderful cellars of Romagna, home of cheerful people, champions and good food, you can try a good glass of wine, the result of a work coming from the passion for good and healthy things. We wait for you, therefore, for a visit, a taste, a greeting and remember: