Nine centuries of history
between the walls of Fattoria Camerone
between the walls of Fattoria Camerone
“Camerone”: why?
It's the name of the company that is handed on along the time and reflects Romagna's tradition, according to which every person or episode or area is given a name. “Camerone” is the house name, originating from the thirteenth century, an ancient bishop’s residence, destroyed by the cannon shots during the last war, lovingly rebuilt in the recent years.

The pictures [1] and [2] were taken on 5th May 1945, after a series of cannon shots from tanks. During the Second World War the house was the seat of the headquarters of the German armed forces operating on the Senio's front, which is 500 m from the river. We can see, in a picture, the little bell tower of the bishop's chapel inside the house. The architecture of the façade was kept in the rebuilding in the 70s.
[3] the oven, immersed in the house park, the ancient rural habits. The farm is surrounded by a wonderful park with age-old trees, crossed by the “Canale dei Mulini” (an ancient channel which supplies the valley mills);
[4] the well, also originally belonging to the house, in the style of that time and still working.
[5] the cellar of the 12th-13th century, under the house, is characterized by an arch dating back to the original period and
by stones belonging to that time;
[6] barriques.