Rosso del Camerone Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore Riserva D.O.C.

The prestigious Sangiovese di Romagna, cultivated in our vineyards in the hills, is obtained after two years ageing, with a slow refining and a gradual ripening.
It is the best Sangiovese for its structure and the variety of its most important components; it is refined partly in bay oak casks where it receives noble essences which enrich its olfactory and structural properties.
In this way, the wine acquires a perfume of flowers, wild berries and exotic spices. It has a ruby-red colour with golden reflections and its flavour is full-bodied and deeply vinous.
It is served with elaborate meat dishes such as stuffed roulades and grills.
It is also ideal for meditating.
Serve at a temperature of 18°-20° C.